Street violence and crime are rampant in Chicago...

Motivated by fear and helplessness, some citizens are urging a lift on the city's concealed weapons ban, while the state debates sending in the National Guard.

But before Chicago turns into a scene from the Wild West...

Tutor/Mentor Jam 2010 happened on Sunday, August 29, 2010, at Darkroom, a music venue situated in the heart of Chicago's West Town Neighborhood, just west of Cabrini Green.

This coming-together of bands, entertainers, and the local business community represented a village, coming together to draw public attention and support toward volunteer-based, non-school tutor/mentor programs in high-poverty/high-crime neighborhoods throughout the Chicago region.

Thanks for helping us ensure that tutor/mentor programs survive these tough times, and continue to serve as places of hope and opportunity for youth today, so that more of them choose fruitful paths, and fewer of them are our communitiesí problems later.

A BENEFIT SHOW FOR: Tutor/Mentor Connection

Tutor/Mentor Connection is a non-profit student advocacy organization that operates in conjunction with "Cabrini Connections Tutor/Mentor Program" in the Cabrini Green neighborhood.

Such programs provide safe places where youth can connect with caring adult tutors, mentors, and career coaches who volunteer to help at-risk youth gain the academic and decision making edge that just might be the difference in a few years, when that child is deciding between a book and a gun.

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